39- Endometriosis, Painful Periods AND NATURALLY PREGNANT

My client came to me on referral from a friend of hers who sees me as a client also suffering from endometriosis.  When I met my client she had just had surgery to help remove some of the scar tissue from the endometrial tissue build up in her abdomen.  Her pain had been so severe that although the doctors cleared a lot of the scar tissue, hormone surges still caused a good amount of discomfort with every period.   In addition she was struggling with digestive disorders of persistent gas and bloating. (more…)


29 Year Old Virgin- Vaginismus and abdominal pain.

About a year ago a young (29) and seemingly healthy woman came to me with debilitating abdominal pain, a history of menstrual pain and irregularity and vaginismus- a condition where her vaginal opening was too small to insert tampons, have intercourse or pelvic exams.  She had stopped all of her activities as they were inducing further pain in her abdomen and her back.  She had been on continuous birth control pills to control her painful cycles and headaches that accompanied, and the only time she would actually menstruate is when she “felt she needed a cleansing” (more…)

The Womb Speaks~ My Transformative Journey through a series of Mayan Abdominal Massage with Jamie Lashbrook

This is an article written by a client, a dear friend and talented colleague. (She chose to be named)- I am humbled…

By Shelly Shelley LMP

A Naturopathic Consultation with Dr. Lisa Valent in early December revealed that I had work to do on multiple levels to navigate the throes of peri-menopause. Hence this guide…

My plan includes diagnostic hormonal testing, dietary supplementation and services that help to balance and clear the digestive and reproductive systems. Dr. Lisa and I agreed that it would also serve me to explore the energetics of the transition from “Mother” (representing fertility and a wellspring of life) to “Crone”, (representing wisdom, repose and a culmination of a lifetime of experience). Mayan Abdominal Massage, with Jamie Lashbrook, provided the perfect opportunity for this exploration. (more…)

Post Partum Bladder Irritation and Slight Prolapse- Female 30’s

My client came to me in a bit of emotional distress.  She is a new mama of an amazing 5 week old baby girl she had through a beautiful, natural delivery and is overall very healthy.  However, she has been having a moderate-severe recurring bladder infection.  She complained of fullness and irritation in her pelvis around her bladder and mentioned some concern about possible prolapse of her bladder and/or uterus.   She also had some right hip and leg numbness and pain post-partum.  (more…)

Full Hysterectomy~ Female Late 20’s

When I met my client she was only having 1 bowel movement per week and a sense of fullness in her bladder at all times.   She had suffered from uterine and pelvic cancer at a young age leaving her scarred and without her reproductive organs.  The surgeon had been careless also leaving her with a damaged renal line.   The scarring on her abdomen was significant as was the inflammation.   Nothing had provided much relief and she wanted to try the Maya Abdominal and supportive clinical visceral work. (more…)

IVF Success! Female late 30’s

My client came to  me a few months ago wanting to address her digestive distress along with her anxiety around preparing her body for IVF (in-vitro fertilization).  The unique part of this picture is that the fertility challenges her and her partner were having were male factor- meaning he was challenged in the fertility department. 

Her presenting symptoms were IBS, anxiety and painful, incomplete menses (they were not bright red).  Through our sessions we worked on decongesting and supporting the uterus which was anteverted (tipped forward).  Even without male factor challenges these issues could have made conception difficult anyways.  (more…)

Painful Periods!~ Female 19

Severe dysmenorrhea (painful and irregular menses) that have caused emergency doctor visits, missed school and work. She has tried birth control but nothing agrees with her body. She has typical signs of estrogen dominance and her uterus is anteverted (tipped forward) and slightly right with a lot of pelvic congestion. After one Maya Abdominal session she had almost no pain and lighter bleeding. Her only side effect was nausea.  With some dietary changes and 3 continued sessions she is pain free, cycles are more regular and the nausea has subsided. ~If only someone had told me at 19 what she now knows for life.

Anxiety, Dysemenorrhea, Digestive Issues~ Female Late 20’s

Severe dysmenorrhea with debilitating anxiety and digestive issues. She has not been able to work. She takes medication for anxiety and no birth control.   She has signs of liver congestion which is common with hormonal imbalance and her uterus is retroverted (tipped back).   After one session her periods were less painful. After 3 sessions she had absolutely no pain for the first time in her life. We continued to work with some stress relief tactics with the Maya Abdominal massage. She is now talking with her doctor about no longer taking her anti- anxiety medication, feeling very stable in her life and has been back to work for a few weeks now.

Fertility Challenges~ Female Early 30’s

She and her husband have been trying to conceive. Her periods are painful and heavy but not debilitating. She had a hormonal pregnancy which has left her feeling very confused and nervous. She is overall quite healthy. The sessions were very focused Maya Abdominal massage with energy techniques for the uterus, overall fertile health and how to chart her cycle. She included her husband in the second session- which I love! 3 weeks later she calls and tells me she is pregnant. She is now heading into her 7th week with a healthy baby in her belly.  LOVE.

Menopause, Dysmenorrhea, Pelvic Pain~ Female Late 40’s

She had a uterine infection (not sexually related) that required lots of antibiotics. Ever since, her menses are very painful and heavy and she has found out she has fibroids.  She is not able to be active and do what she loves (hiking, yoga) due to pain in her pelvis and back; it has been months. She is also beginning to transition into menopause. Her uterus is tipped dramatically into her right pelvic bowl.   The combination of abdominal massage, the amazing Female Tonic and castor oil applications helped all conditions in 3 sessions. She is back at yoga, in a relationship and feeling “more in her body than she ever has”.