IVF Success! Female late 30’s

My client came to  me a few months ago wanting to address her digestive distress along with her anxiety around preparing her body for IVF (in-vitro fertilization).  The unique part of this picture is that the fertility challenges her and her partner were having were male factor- meaning he was challenged in the fertility department. 

Her presenting symptoms were IBS, anxiety and painful, incomplete menses (they were not bright red).  Through our sessions we worked on decongesting and supporting the uterus which was anteverted (tipped forward).  Even without male factor challenges these issues could have made conception difficult anyways. 

She returned each session feeling more grounded in her body and connected to her pelvic bowl energy.  We backed off any digestive protocols as her body was undergoing enough with the IVF prep.  So, we worked with overall belly care and stress reduction to really create space and health in her body for a healthy transfer and baby. 

In June her IV was successful and stable and she feels extremely grateful and believes that our sessions made it possible for her body to accept this new journey of life. 

As always- humbled and honored. 

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