Full Hysterectomy~ Female Late 20’s

When I met my client she was only having 1 bowel movement per week and a sense of fullness in her bladder at all times.   She had suffered from uterine and pelvic cancer at a young age leaving her scarred and without her reproductive organs.  The surgeon had been careless also leaving her with a damaged renal line.   The scarring on her abdomen was significant as was the inflammation.   Nothing had provided much relief and she wanted to try the Maya Abdominal and supportive clinical visceral work.

In our first session I was struck by her unusually calm and quiet presence.  As we began to talk and work I realized the calm was actually a deep state of buried sadness and a disconnect from her creative feminine energy.   Naturally she would have deep grief over losing the ability to birth children only to suffer from constipation and depression.    With each layer my hands addressed in her belly I began to realize that although the physical tissue of her reproductive organs were gone the energy was not.  I continued to break down the scar tissue and mobilize the energy through her entire abdomen.  I also, recommended colon hydrotherapy in the same day as our sessions and some at home care to increase softness and promote more bowel motility.

In our second session she had already felt relief in her daily bowel movements but there was still that clinging sadness.  Now that our rapport had been established I decided to address her grief.  I guided her through the significance of tapping into her pelvic (womb) energy to gain a sense of herself and start to alleviate her sadness.   I explained that although she had a hysterectomy her second chakra was still there to connect her to the feminine rhythms of nature and intuition.   There was an immediate shift in her energy.  I gave her some ways she could begin to connect to a “feminine cycle” using the guidance of the moon, some nourishing foods at different times and some visualizations- she embraced it immediately.

We continued with breaking down scar tissue and decongesting the pelvic bowl and belly in our final 2 sessions.  Her eyes were bright, she embodied herself and her spirit had strength again.   Her bowel movements had increased to at least 3-4/week and she no longer had any constant bladder fullness- in just 4 sessions.    She is armed with tools and hope and I will now only see her as needed for a little “tune up”.

Blessed and humbled always by this work.



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