Post Partum Bladder Irritation and Slight Prolapse- Female 30’s

My client came to me in a bit of emotional distress.  She is a new mama of an amazing 5 week old baby girl she had through a beautiful, natural delivery and is overall very healthy.  However, she has been having a moderate-severe recurring bladder infection.  She complained of fullness and irritation in her pelvis around her bladder and mentioned some concern about possible prolapse of her bladder and/or uterus.   She also had some right hip and leg numbness and pain post-partum. 

She was in a raw emotional state as she was feeling betrayed by her body.  Antibiotics were not an option as she is breastfeeding and she had reached her limit with trying to heal things on her own.   I reminded her that in many cultures (ancient and present) the mama’s belly is immediately supported with massage, warmth, herbs and a faja post partum.   And, that women took care of one another to help heal and support the mama’s changed, beautiful body; she did not need to try and figure out her newly changed body alone.

I worked slowly into the pelvic bowl using the Maya abdominal techniques, careful to pay attention to her emotional reactions.   With each of her breaths I began to feel more integrity in the tissue in her pelvis.  Her body responded very quickly and desired the attention.  There was some emotional release and she seemed relieved to be able to express her fear around harming her baby with the infection.   We finished with some emotional clearing and relaxing techniques.

She some in for her second session one week later an emotionally different woman.  She tells me that immediately after our first session her symptoms began to subside and she does not have the irritation or infection any longer.  There is still some residual leg and hip numbness which we addressed during our second session through some posterior pelvic ligament and coccyx work.  I suggested only 2 more sessions to ensure her body holds the treatment.

It truly takes a village and when given a little direction, the body’s innate healing wisdom will spring to life.


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