The Womb Speaks~ My Transformative Journey through a series of Mayan Abdominal Massage with Jamie Lashbrook

This is an article written by a client, a dear friend and talented colleague. (She chose to be named)- I am humbled…

By Shelly Shelley LMP

A Naturopathic Consultation with Dr. Lisa Valent in early December revealed that I had work to do on multiple levels to navigate the throes of peri-menopause. Hence this guide…

My plan includes diagnostic hormonal testing, dietary supplementation and services that help to balance and clear the digestive and reproductive systems. Dr. Lisa and I agreed that it would also serve me to explore the energetics of the transition from “Mother” (representing fertility and a wellspring of life) to “Crone”, (representing wisdom, repose and a culmination of a lifetime of experience). Mayan Abdominal Massage, with Jamie Lashbrook, provided the perfect opportunity for this exploration.

What I find profound about this work, combined with the intuitive, skillful abilities of Jamie, is that it is all about the womb. Regardless of where the work is taking place on your body, or what other services may be necessary for integration, all roads lead back to the womb. There are precious few women walking the planet that have not endured some measure of trauma regarding their womb. This work gives the womb voice and Jamie acts as your loving interpreter, listening deeply and holding compassionate space for transformation. This is a synopsis of my journey.

Initial Assessment

My initial assessment with Jamie inspired me to do a series of four sessions. We identified a distinct sense of confusion and power struggle in my womb. Clearly, the “Mother” energy was not ready to yield and was steeped in resistance to moving forward while my “Crone” energy was beckoning, asking to be embraced.  I felt certain that the struggle between these energies was contributing to physical symptoms including migraines, digestive congestion and adrenal fatigue along with emotional patterns of frustration and discontent. I realized that a deeper look at the story these symptoms had to tell was acutely indicated.

Session 1

Jamie had suggested a colon hydrotherapy session, after my initial assessment, to clear physical symptoms of digestive congestion. With the digestive symptoms allayed, the pathway was cleared to focus on the energetic component of the struggle. The unresolved issue at hand became clear; I had chosen not to bear children. The part of me that protested this decision didn’t give a damn about other ways that I have created and birthed in my life. This voice of discontent was the biological “I-am-born-for-this-purpose” part and she demanded that I feel her inconsolable pain. Jamie and I tapped into and listened to her intense despair. She felt that her purpose had been thwarted and overruled by my choices. The grief, anger and sadness needed to be acknowledged and felt. Jamie stayed with me, pointed to it and provided a safe place for these feelings to arise and be witnessed.

Session 2

What I found remarkable as I integrated the emotions that arose is that they were not pervasive in the time between sessions. The sessions with Jamie were providing me with a sort of womb reconciliation trial. Her presence was the key to the process. Outside of the treatment room, I felt content to manage my symptoms but once in session the trial was resumed and she demanded to be heard. I had a tubal ligation at age thirty-eight. Jamie had identified what she said felt like scar tissue around my right ovary and when she touched it an acute feeling of anger and heat came over me. My pubic bone felt like a ring of fire and Jamie reported that she almost burst into tears.

As she gently worked, I revealed my story about what led me to have a tubal ligation. This part of me was not interested in how I arrived at the decision; she was furious and needed a witness to how full of rage she was that I had severed her ability to manifest her purpose. Admittedly, there were some gut wrenching, split me in half, decisions that I made along the course of my child bearing years and I do not live in regret of them. However, the path not taken had her own story. Before transitioning into the stage of my life from which there is no return to fertility, she needed to be heard.

Session 3

After the emotional intensity of our last session, my body had a curious physical response. It was as if my upper and lower body was, in fact, split in two in a standoff around who was “right.” Physical symptoms of pain and contraction arose. They were not all unfamiliar, I had experienced many of them throughout my life since the onset of menstruation, but they were more random and intense. To address this long-held pattern, I sought a Homeopathic Consultation with Dr. Michelle Coles. I wanted to assist my physical and emotional body toward integration. I had taken her prescribed homeopathic remedy a few days before my next session with Jamie.

In the session, a visual image arose as Jamie intuitively touched in to this dynamic. Imagine a water balloon with a tight band around the middle. The water was either all at the top of the balloon or all at the bottom creating too much pressure. The energetic when the water felt top heavy was one of insecurity “I’m not enough, I’m not worthy. I have failed in my purpose.” When it shifted to the lower part of the balloon, the message was defensive “Accept me as I am or leave me alone; I don’t need your approval!” Then, a combination of Jamie’s touch and my intention served to sever the band and what resulted was physical and energetic flow between these two extremely divisive parts. My body had turned the corner; the power struggle abated. The message became “My worth is not in question. Approval is irrelevant. My security springs internal. ”

Session 4

Energetically, flow had been restored in my last session; my system now felt more aligned in her purpose. Physically, my digestive and reproductive organs had made a considerable shift and I noticed that my structure was struggling to integrate the change. I have a thirty- year old total reconstruction surgery on my left knee that has contributed to the imbalance of my pelvis, thus my pelvic organs. Now that Jamie had restored the organ balance, the structure needed to accommodate that. I scheduled a session of Soma to aid the integrative process and was satisfied with the result.

When Jamie and I met for this last session in our series I was feeling good, integrated and balanced. We expressed our mutual gratitude to the partnership that had yielded such a powerful process. Then Jamie provided closure with a beautiful, nurturing and honoring session complete with a closing ritual that included essential oils, sweet utterances of whispered prayers and sprinklings of blessings with flower water. I felt a sense of sweet surrender and easy resolve in what had proved a potent experience.

A follow up ND consult and Lymphatic Therapy session with Dr. Lisa after my series with Jamie confirmed that my body had made significant progress. The patterns of congestion had significantly diminished and we have modified my program accordingly. My journey with peri-menopause feels like it is in a very different place than it was in early December. What began as an internal emotional and physical storm that felt like an attack, has transformed to greater flow and ease physically and energetically. Reconciliation trial complete, I feel free to decidedly stand in my present and step into my future. Honoring the hormonal changes on a physical and emotional level has brought more clarity and understanding allowing me to embrace, rather than fear this inevitable transition.

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