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39- Endometriosis, Painful Periods AND NATURALLY PREGNANT

My client came to me on referral from a friend of hers who sees me as a client also suffering from endometriosis.  When I met my client she had just had surgery to help remove some of the scar tissue from the endometrial tissue build up in her abdomen.  Her pain had been so severe that although the doctors cleared a lot of the scar tissue, hormone surges still caused a good amount of discomfort with every period.   In addition she was struggling with digestive disorders of persistent gas and bloating. (more…)

Full Hysterectomy~ Female Late 20’s

When I met my client she was only having 1 bowel movement per week and a sense of fullness in her bladder at all times.   She had suffered from uterine and pelvic cancer at a young age leaving her scarred and without her reproductive organs.  The surgeon had been careless also leaving her with a damaged renal line.   The scarring on her abdomen was significant as was the inflammation.   Nothing had provided much relief and she wanted to try the Maya Abdominal and supportive clinical visceral work. (more…)