39- Endometriosis, Painful Periods AND NATURALLY PREGNANT

My client came to me on referral from a friend of hers who sees me as a client also suffering from endometriosis.  When I met my client she had just had surgery to help remove some of the scar tissue from the endometrial tissue build up in her abdomen.  Her pain had been so severe that although the doctors cleared a lot of the scar tissue, hormone surges still caused a good amount of discomfort with every period.   In addition she was struggling with digestive disorders of persistent gas and bloating.

Now endometriosis is very difficult to treat.  I have worked with many gifted healers from many realms and all will say that an endometriosis diagnosis is one of the most challenging pathologies of the female reproductive system to address.  There are really no known cures; even surgery can be only a temporary fix.  However, child birth can greatly reduce the endometrial flare ups post partum and for quite a long while after.   Unfortunately, one of the first messages women hear upon receiving their diagnosis is that becoming pregnant will be extremely challenging if not impossible.  (Stay tuned for an article about the female fear body and our society)…  Most women who have endometriosis have to rely on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) to control the hormone surges which of course presents it’s own list of issues.

My client had been down all of the above allopathic pathways to address her endometriosis but still was not finding the piece she instinctively knew was missing.   She had never really looked deeper than the scar tissue to the underlying issues that my be driving the hormone imbalances and belly upset.  So as we dove deeper she revealed her struggles around her family, around her health and around her current intimate relationship.  Each session we would check in around her personal insights into how she could address old wounds and balance her health.   I would guide her in some at home care and reflection to initiate a deeper sense of self love.  She responded very well to the abdominal massage and her pain began to slowly subside over some months of dedicated attention to her healing.  She also noticed great improvement in her digestive health.

Just about a month ago she came in for her regular appointment and there was something a bit different.  Her energy was full and calm.  As we checked in she revealed that she was pregnant!   Her and her partner had grown closer and reconciled some issues and voila!- made a baby.    She is in a place of peace and gratitude around her body and her new baby belly.   She beat the odds and ignored the messages of fear around her diagnosis and- I will point out- her age.   I work with a lot of women who face fertility challenges and have fear around “being too old” to conceive. (again another discussion to be had)….

… So, I tell this sweet story as it shows that when we stop and really listen to the messages our body is trying to relay around our imbalances, we may find that the answer to healing lies in self- love and dedication to letting go of old patterns, messages and pain.

Blessed life!  Learn to Listen to Your Gut!



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